Consultancy and research stage at Universidad de Magallanes

Consultancy and research stage at Universidad de Magallanes

Salvador Simó has carried out a research stay at the Andrés Bello University (UNAB) and at the University of Magallanes (UMAG) in Chile. The stay, from April 6 to 22, has been done as Co-Director of the Chair of Mental Health and coordinator of the research group Mental Health and Social Innovation (SAMIS).

At the University of Magallanes the objective of the stay was to establish links and initiate action research projects with its new Healthcare, Teaching and Research Center. Simó also advised the Vice-Rector for Linkage with the Environment in the development of university social responsibility projects, and the Faculty of Health in matters related to the degree of Occupational Therapy. As a result of the stay, action research projects in mental health, social entrepreneurship and eco-social therapy (projects with ecological and social impact, incorporating the primordial communities that still exist in the territory of the Chilean Patagonia) have been agreed. The possibility has also been opened of signing a collaboration agreement between the UVic-UCC and the University of Magallanes, which would be added to the existing one with UNAB.

(Very grateful to the Magnificent Rector Dr. Juan Oyarzo, Wilson Verdugo and Melissa Flores among many others for their wonderful lesson in hospitality).Consultant and research stage at

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