PhD. Salvador Simó Algado

International researcher, lecturer and consultant.

PhD in Inclusive Education, MsC Business Administration, MsC Social Entrepreneurship, Occupational scientist/therapist.

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Co-Director of the Mental Health Chair at UVic-UCC.

Coordinador of the research group Mental Health and Social innovation  at UVic-UCC.

Lecturer and researcher at  UVic-UCC.

Associated lecturer at the European Business School.

I am very happy to announce the creation of the new UVic-UCC Chair in Mental Health, official since June 28. The executive direction will be made by Dr. Pere Bonet; I have the honor of being the Director of the UVic-UCC Chair; and Gemma Prat......

It has been great honor to teach again at KAROLINSKA INSTITUTET. I was lucky to participante in an international seminar on narrative research leaded by Staffan Josephsson, and in a panel of experts about occupational science with Hans Jonsson and Sissel Alsaker. The most especial,......